Hollywood Hardman Chuck Norris Speaks Out On Chemtrails And Vaccinations “It Is Time To Wake Up”!


The Hollywood veteran explains that geoengineering is the process of a man attempting to modify earth’s climate through artificial means.


Actor, activist and Hollywood legend, Chuck Norris, has come out of the closet to express his belief in jet planes covertly spraying the skies with chemicals otherwise known as Chemtrails. He joins a host of other celebrities who have addressed major concerns about what effect these aerial disbursements might be having not only on human life but the planet as a whole.

In the video below, Chuck joins Alex Jones of Infowars presenting several pieces of evidence showing a global geoengineering scheme that may possibly already be underway.

The Daily Express reports:

The movie tough guy has come out as a believer of one of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories – the allegation that contrails from aircraft are actually chemtrails blasting our skies with a mixture of toxins.

“The chemtrails conspiracy theory is one of the most supported on Earth and counted the late pop legend Prince among its high-profile advocates.”

“At its most bizarre extreme, conspiracy theorists believe that the contrails which form behind jet aircraft are actually streams of toxic “mind-control” chemicals, which dilute before they reach the ground, leaving a gas we breathe in that keeps the general population in check.”

Others say vaccinations against diseases are being sprayed so we secretly inhale them to become immune.

But there are a growing number of chemtrail believers, who claim the conspiracy is actually a secret global plot to change Earth’s climate in the hope it will reverse the effects of climate change.

Dane Wigington, a solar energy expert and former employee of Bechtel Power Corp, set up Geoengineeringwatch.org, a website viewed by millions set up to expose the “harmful” conspiracy.

He said a system called “Solar Radiation Management” (SRM) was being used whereby scientists have tried to mimic the effects of a major volcanic eruption on temperature, by releasing the sulfides in an ash cloud, that block sunlight, into the air.

Among supporters of the chemtrail, geoengineering theory is Norris, 76, the US Air-force vet-turned, turned martial arts expert, who went on to star in alongside Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon and the Missing in Action trilogy.

He blogged that people were not taking warnings about the threat of chemtrails seriously enough.

In a column entitled “Sky Criminals” on WorldNetDaily, he called for more people to join forces and question the “covert chemtrailing taking place in the skies above us and unbeknownst to us.

He wrote: “Several months ago, I wrote a column titled, ‘Why are geoengineering researchers being stonewalled?’

In it, I gave an array of evidence from scientists that geoengineering and, specifically, covert chemtrailing is taking place in the skies above us and unbeknownst to us.

The now Christian evangelist and Conservative activist suggested the government is performing geoengineering through Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal to artificially cool the Earth’s climate systems to slow or reverse global warming.

He said SRM was the release of aerosols through plane jets into the sky that forms into artificial clouds that reflect sunlight to reduce global warming.

He said: “The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds.”

But Norris also touched on the immunization theory as well.

In 2003, research data was released regarding the possibility of mass and rapid immunization of people through aerosol vaccines that can be released into the air.

He said: “Over the past 13 years since the study, does anyone think it’s possible that such mass vaccinations or immunizations have occurred by air in trial locations in the U.S.?

“How many plane-dropping chemical cocktails have already been sprayed around the world in the name of securing public health?

When the heads of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention publicly sound the alarm that the Zika virus is ‘scarier than we initially thought’ and the mosquito transmission ranges have increased from 12 states to 30 in just weeks, does anyone think there’s discussion of the NCBI 2003 study?

Whatever the intent or justification, and whether or not the purpose is for mass vaccinations or some other devious plot, if you don’t believe there’s some smoke-screening in the sky trails above you, I have a London Bridge to sell you in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

It’s time again to wake up, America. I’m not Shakespeare, but something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.

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