Mindblowing! Watch Chris Rock Expose Doctors-Government-Pharma Nexus In Live Show!


“Ain’t no money in the cure, the money’s in the medicine.”

"Ain't no money in the cure, the money's in the medicine."

A ProPublica investigation probed the relationship between doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the manufacturers of medical devices, and found that a number of doctors made hundreds of thousands of dollars as consultants or for speeches at medical conferences. Another analysis revealed that doctors get thousands of dollars to offer their patients ordinary drugs that frequently exist in cheaper, more effective forms.


According to figures, the federal government released in October 2014, around 360,000 doctors received $3.5 billion from pharmaceutical companies and device makers over a five-month period in 2013. 4.2 million individual payments were made to physicians (including dentists) for things like meals, consulting fees and royalty payments for devices they helped invent.


Watch Chris Rock question the real agenda of the pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical companies make their money from people needing regular medication and not by developing cures. We “cannot” even find a cure for the common cold but we are exploring space, visiting other planets and landing satellites on comets. Makes you question the real agenda of the parmisuetical industry.

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