The Ladies Have Shared Their Opinion: “Guys, This Is Why You’re Not Strong Enough To Handle An Independent Woman!”


In many aspects of life, strong women are able to face each challenge head-on, without a support system in place. They don’t have to worry about their needs going unmet as they’ll not allow it to happen.

independent woman

On the other hand, men tend to be the strong one that often gets his way and the dominant decision maker that overpowers the timid submissive woman in a relationship.

That’s why most men aren’t strong enough to handle an independent woman.

– She has her own opinion

A strong, independent woman is wise and feels strongly about many things. In case she knows she is right, she’ll defend them to death.

– She knows what she wants

A strong, independent woman takes time to get to know herself. She does know what she really wants in life. There’s not any self-doubt or hesitation, in case she wants something, she does get it. Also, she doesn’t rely on anyone else to achieve her dreams.

– She isn’t OK with being told what to do

She usually makes her own decisions. She is sure about herself to handle the consequences.

– She fights her own battles

She doesn’t need a man to fight her battles for her or do her binding. She can do that by herself.

– She does have a crazy side

She does have a crazy side, which shows up whenever she is in the mood. A man either runs away from it or embraces it.

– She’s secure about herself

A strong, independent woman does not need anyone’s affection to give her assurance about her appearance. She does not need anyone to tell her that she’s beautiful. She’s comfortable in her own skin.

– She is a human lie detector

If a man lies to her, he will be in danger. In fact, honesty is one of her most valued traits. This means that those that don’t abide will probably feel her wrath.

– She will be upfront about a man

In case a man has flaws, she’ll point them out. She won’t be afraid to tell them that they are wrong.

– She cannot stand petty games

She cannot stand her partner playing mind games with them. A man is either a foe or a friend. Double standards aren’t welcome.

– She’s passionate

There is a certain depth about a strong woman, and men are usually intimidated by her intensity.

– She doesn’t want to wait around

She is aware of what she deserves and she does know her worth. In case she knows that she’s not getting her due, she won’t wait around for it.

– She loves unconditionally

A strong, independent woman is loyal to the core as well as fiercely protective of her partner. She does love unconditionally.

– She demands consistency

This woman values consistency and honesty in a man. In case her partner is being erratic causing her frustration or pain, she’ll eliminate him out of her life.

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