What You See in This Picture Reveals Your Deepest Unconscious Fear!


Fear is actually an unpleasant thought or emotion. It’s a natural response towards danger. But, you may relate weird symbols to potential danger as you have emotions in your unconscious mind that are still unresolved.

The image below can reveal your unconscious fear. In short, the 1st thing you notice in this picture says a lot about your greatest fear.

What Is the 1st Figure That You Noticed in This Picture?

– Teddy Bears

 The Teddy Bears

A child often finds comfort when they hug their teddy bear. It is the getaway place for each child, a place of warmth, safety, and understanding.

In case the teddy bears were the 1st thing you noticed in this image, you’re afraid of being afraid.

This fear comes from a certain event that took place in your childhood and you didn’t have anything to comfort yourself with.

Moreover, you want to avoid fear as it does remind you of that event. You may be afraid of trusting other people or being alone.

– Trees

the Trees

It’s a symbol of your roots. Additionally, 2 trees that create a bridge may mean that there’s an inner conflict within you that you cannot solve.

In case the trees are the 1st thing you noticed in this image, your fear comes from accepting this inner conflict. This means that you’re afraid of accepting certain part of yourself as yours.

Most people know their greatest uncertainties and doubts well. But, the effect isn’t actually the same when others reveal them to you.

So, you may want to consult someone without any predetermined opinion or preference, because it can help you see the situation differently.

– Spider

The Spider

It’s among the most common fears among us. In case the spider was the 1st thing you noticed in this image, your unconscious fear comes from your inability to feel safe in your environment.

You usually pay attention to each detail and attempt to find something dangerous even in the safest places. Also, you often overthink everything. Unluckily, it can prevent you from enjoying happy and beautiful moments. Panic attacks and anxiety may be something you suffer from.

– Strawberry

The Strawberry

A strawberry symbolizes love and pain, which comes from it.

There’s also a legend that says: Goddess Venus couldn’t stop crying due to the death of Adonis, and tears that fell on the ground created strawberries.

In case the strawberry was the 1st thing you noticed in this image, your biggest fear comes from the resistance you have towards love.

Furthermore, this type of fear usually comes from your childhood as well as the way your parents expressed their love for each other in front of you. Also, it may result from a terrible heartbreak you experienced in the past.

– Butterfly

The Butterfly

It’s a symbol of positive meaning. In addition, it’s also a symbol of beginnings and chances.

A colorful and bright butterfly is a symbol of good hope, whereas a colorless butterfly is associated with an unrealized opportunity that’d have served you.

In case the butterfly was the 1st thing you noticed in this image, your unconscious fear comes from the fear of death. This means that you are afraid of missing chances and not living.

– Little Girl

The Little Girl

In case the girl was the 1st thing you noticed in this image, your fear comes from repressed emotions from your childhood.

Different kinds of events could mark the mind of a child. In case they aren’t adequately elaborated, they may surface in the adulthood in the form of inappropriate desires, cognitive patterns, addictions, and fears.

The relationship with your mom plays a key role in your emotional development. In case you as a kid spent too much time away from your mom, or in case she gave you little or no affection during your early childhood, it may be projected unconsciously through fears.

That’s why you may develop a fear of taking responsibility or making decisions.

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