CIA Agent Makes Shocking Confession On Deathbed: “We Blew Up WTC7 on 9/11”!


Confesses to controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7

Many theories in the past have said that what happened in 9/11 was no accident and a dying CIA agent confirmed that there was something hidden after all, but it was related to another building, the WTC7.

After a series of shocking confessions since being released from a New Jersey hospital and after being given only a couple of weeks left to live by doctors, the agent finally spoke about the topic.

The guy was Malcom Howard, who worked for the CIA for many years since he was headhunted by the organization in the early 1980s. Howard claims that he was part of a covert operation to destroy World Trade Center Building Number 7 during the attacks in New York that were allegedly caused by a terrorist organization called Al Qaeda.

Howard said that he used to work as a civil engineer for a commercial demolition company in the past, that’s why the CIA choose him to bring the building complex down in a ”controlled demolition”.

Having worked with explosives for a very long time, Howard said that bringing down the building was a ”piece of cake” since he worked with items that were as smalls as cigarette lighters and as large as ”80-floor buildings”.

The New Jerseyan says that he didn’t work alone as the operation consisted of 4 CIA operatives who worked on a project dubbed ”New Century” and this project had been under development for more than 4 years since 1997 and the task assigned was simple: ”the successful demolition of WTC7.”

If you compare this operation to others that the CIA has done in the past, this was something out of the ordinary” said Mr. Howard who added that the only demolition that he had done for them wasn’t supposed to look like a demolition job at all.

Considering the fact that the WTC7 could have had people nearby at the time or that the risk of getting discovered were high, you would think that Howard would hesitate to carry on with this job, but he denies this by saying: ”when you are a patriot, you don’t question the motivation of the CIA or the White House.

You assume the bigger purpose is for a greater good. They pick good, loyal people like me, and it breaks my heart to hear the sh*t talk.”

When asked about if he had any regrets of what happened, Howard says that he hasn’t but he admits that ”something wasn’t right” at that moment and that ”No good has come from this. This isn’t the America we envisioned.”

Howard also gave a detailed description of how the building was brought down:

“It was a classic controlled demolition with explosives. We used super-fine military grade nano-thermite composite materials as explosives.”

“The hard part was getting thousands of pounds of explosives, fuses and ignition mechanisms into the building without causing too much concern.”

“But almost every single office in the Building 7 was rented by the CIA, the Secret Service, or the military, which made it easier.”

Howard says that when they put the explosives in the building complex, they try to load it in strategic places. While the North and South towers burned, fuses were ignited in World Trade Center 7, and nano-thermite explosions hollowed out the building, destroying the whole structure in the process. This also helps to remove the reinforcements and allowed the office fires to tear through the rest of the building, hollowing it out like a shell.

Finally, at 5:20 pm of that day, the building collapsed into its own footprint, seven hours after the destruction of WTC 1 and 2. The event shocked witnesses since they weren’t expecting another building to fall down so fast, but the structure was so damaged that it encountered zero resistance on the way down.

Howard commented that he and his colleagues were lauded for completing the job:

When the building came down, it was such a rush. Everything went exactly to plan. It was so smooth. Everybody was evacuated. Nobody was hurt in WTC 7.”

We were celebrating. We kept watching replays of the demolition, we had the whiskey and cigars out, and then all of a sudden, the strangest thing happened. We all started to worry that it looked a bit too smooth. We watched the tape again and again and again and we started to get paranoid. It looked like a controlled demolition.”

We thought sh*t, people are going to question this.”

And then we heard that people from the street were reporting that they heard the explosions during the afternoon. When we were told that the BBC botched their report and announced to the world that the building collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did… At that point, we really thought the gig was up.”

The official report didn’t reveal the involvement of Howard and the CIA, instead, it said that the building collapsed due to ”uncontrolled fires” that were caused by debris that floated over from WTC 1 and 2 but for many people who witnessed the collapse of the building, something ”fishy” was going on and the report only raised more questions.

The fact that the building fell down due to uncontrolled fires marked something unprecedented in history, so what happened with the fire systems? Didn’t the New York City Fire Department notice this beforehand? And if they did, what they didn’t do anything?

Moreover, WTC 7 was the only steel skyscraper in the world to have collapsed into itself, due to ”office fires” so it was natural that the people would question the official narrative and question the government for answers. Furthermore, when FEMA was tasked with explaining the collapse they said that they had “no idea” how it came down.

wtc 7 blow up

There were so many loose ends, so much evidence left behind. We thought the public would be all over it. We thought there would be a public uprising that the media couldn’t ignore.”

They’d be funding investigations and demanding to know why they were being lied to. We thought they’d find chemical composites in the area that would prove Building 7 was blown up.

We thought there would be a revolution. It would go all the way to the top, to President Bush. He’d be dragged out of the White House.”

But none of that happened. Almost nobody questioned anything. The media shot down anyone who dared question anything they were told.”

Regarding some of the accusations about the destruction of North and South Towers of the World Trade Center, Howard says that the CIA wasn’t involved in the attack and that ”CIA operations are very specific”.

Nonetheless, Howard said that he believes that something more was behind the attack, so he encourages investigators to keep seeking for the truth until they understand the entire puzzle and work out who was the real perpetrator of the most devastating attack on American soil in history.

Follow the money.”

When you want to find out who is behind something, just follow the money.”

Look at the trades made just before 9/11. These are the guys that knew what was coming. The sons of CIA agents, government officials. Close relatives of the most powerful men in America. Cheney, Rumsfeld. They all got rich. It wasn’t just the contracts awarded to their friends in the construction business and the wars and the kickbacks.”

It was insider trading.”

After the horrible attacks, many countries including Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan launched insider trading investigation, hoping that with this they could prove that Al-Qaeda operatives were behind it, justifying another intervention on the middle east in the future.

After they gathered all the evidence, it pointed to heavy insider trading around 9/11.

Italy’s foreign minister at the time, Antonio Martino, said: “I think that there are terrorist states and organizations behind speculation on the international markets.”

Ernst Welteke who was German central bank president said his researchers had found “almost irrefutable proof of insider trading.”

Even CNN commented on the topic by saying that regulators were seeing “ever-clearer signs” that someone “manipulated financial markets ahead of the terror attack in the hope of profiting from it.”

Mr. Howard says that none has carried a serious studied of who profited on the stock market from 9/11 because they are ‘’afraid’’ and that the results of it would “tear the heart out of the oligarchy in America.”

There is only one organization that spans the entire world, and let me tell you now, it isn’t and it never was al-Qaeda, it was the CIA.”

There could never be a real investigation. The entire shadow government, as you call them now, are implicated.”

Before passing away Howard wanted to spend his final weeks at home, though he wanted to share what he knew before reaching the gates of the afterlife. Howard believes that he doesn’t fear that someone will try to ”silence” him, because “then they’d have to go after everyone else.”

They will just use the media to attack me. They are all on the payroll to suppress everything around 9/11.”

Will the truth come out someday? Who knows, but in the meantime, we have to thank brave people like Howard who fight every day to make us see the light amid the darkness.

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