Another Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered And The Pope Benedict’s Brother Has Been Involved In It Again!


Children are one the purest things on earth, they have a beautiful heart that exudes kindness, something that many people nowadays have lost. So, what could possibly be wrong with a person who wants to take away a child’s innocence? And even worse, what would anyone would like to defend that person?

This has been a question that many people have had for a while when it comes to talking about this topic and the church is involved. The Harvey case in Hollywood just made us realize that those who we think that are incapable of doing something wrong, are the first ones that we should suspect because pedophilia and child trafficking have plagued the world of politics as well as the military-industrial complex for a long time.

One of the most bizarre and disgusting cases that we have recently seen is the one where Jeffrey Epstein was involved. This case was also related to Hillary Clinton according to a NBC news report that claimed that while acting as secretary of state, she prevents an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks so the Obama Administration wouldn’t be the subject of scandal, therefore protecting the careers of high ranking officials and an ambassador.

Another big name that was mixed up in all this is James Grazioplene, a high ranking retired army general who used to be the Vice President of DynCorp (a company associated with the Pentagon), is currently facing six rape charges of underaged persons.

The list literally goes on and on, and it will disturb you how many names appear on that one, from Hollywood personalities to respected politicians and even the military industrial complex plays a big role on this terrible play, where the director could only be one, the Vatican.

pope Massive Pedophile Ring

The big problem about these pedophilia cases is not that we don’t know about them, actually, child abuse, rape, and violence have tainted the Vatican’s reputation for centuries, but this information started to become more mainstream only a few years ago, and it coincided with Pope Benedict’s resignation, something that hasn’t happened for more than six centuries.

The big amount of pedophilia cases has waked up the rage of the people, so no wonder what this FBI/Europol case has cached the attention of the media, since more than 350 pedophiles were busted soon after the arrest of Playpen creator, Stephen Case; the prominent Vatican official Cardinal George Pell, who has a deep connection with a pedophilia ring which involves more than 70.000 members and was uncovered in Norway recently.

If you haven’t heard of George Pell, well you should probably know that he is a top Vatican official who has worked with Pope Benedict and Pope Francis as an advisor for a very long time. He is facing right now justice in Australia, after being charged for his involvement in the historic sexual assault. The allegations may vary but according to the detectives from Victoria Police, he must prove his innocence against the multiple allegations of sexual abuse, despite the fact the details of the charges have not been made public.

Benedict’s mandate as Pope has been surrounded by controversy and recently a massive amount of decades of sexual abuse was reported in a choir that was in charge by his brother.

So many people wonder why Benedict decided to resign others agree that it can’t be a coincidence that the pope presented his resignation where people that were close to him were being investigated and looked into, although there are many prominent figures in the church that try to promote the idea that this is just a mere ‘conspiracy theory’.

One of the most recent cases happened in Regensburg, Germany, where 600 members of a Catholic boys’ choir were physically and sexually abused by the administration from 1945 to 1992. George Ratzinger was the one who was leading the choir as we have previously said from 1964 to 1994.

This startling fact was reported by Ulrich Webe, a German lawyer that was assigned to this difficult task and who was utterly disgusted when he discovered that during 30 years that the choir was rub by Benedict XVI’s elder brother, all these boys were victims of sexual and physical abuse. The report also identified that the boys had a ”high degree of plausibility”, where 500 cases were related to physical abuse, and 67 cases of sexual abuse committed by a total of 49 people in a position of power in the choir.

pope Massive Pedophile Ring

“At the choir’s preschool, “violence, fear, and helplessness dominated” and “violence was an everyday method,” it said. “The whole system of education was oriented toward top musical achievements and the choir’s success, “the report said.” Alongside individual motives, institutional motives – namely, breaking the will of the children with the aim of maximum discipline and dedication – formed the basis for violence.” (source)

It is unknown for sure if pope’s brother was directly involved with the abuse but one thing is certain, he must have known during the years that he was leading the choir and he ”failed to intervene.” or simply ”looked away” which made quite responsible too.

Ratzinger said that he only ”slapped” some pupils after he took over the choir, which was a common practice in Germany at the time a form of punishment.

“He also said he was aware of allegations of physical abuse at the elementary school and did nothing about it, but he was not aware of sexual abuse.”

To say that he was not aware it’s a little bit difficult to believe, especially after 30 years or child abuse and for most people who have investigated the case will find it hard to believe that Ratzinger was not heavily involved. Child abuse, murder, organ harvesting and more are a few of many rumors that plague the Vatican, and it’s almost, unbelievable to fathom that these types of things may still be going on, and still, the church still has many followers that are willing to listen to their version of the story, perpetuating the entire political establishment to represent and guide them.

You would think that the Vatican will forbid this kind of people to keep working with the organization, right? But the truth is that most of the suspects are relocated to another place and the victims are only offered a ‘compensation’ between 5000 and 20000 euros by the end of this year. It’s insulting that they think that there is a way to compensate for the horror that has inflicted upon these children, and it’s eerie to think how many cases lie in the shadow waiting to be discovered.