More Than 15.000 Scientists Issue A Warning:”Doomsday Is Coming”!


This might sound like a prophecy for many people, but ”the end is coming”, at least that’s what more than 15.000 scientists from 184 countries have expressed recently in the journal Bioscience. They have issued a ”warning to humanity” just like many others colleagues did in 1992 in a letter where they explained the impacts of human activity on the natural world, which will lead to ‘vast human misery’ and a planet that was ‘irretrievably mutilated’.

In 1992, the warning was issued by the ”World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity”. This time it was issued by the Alliance of World Scientists on the 13th November 2017, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of that big moment for the scientific community.

Although we could say that there has been some progress in some areas, such as cutting ozone-depending chemicals, and increasing energy generated from renewable sources, there is still a lot of work to do nowadays.

Thanks to the last warning, humanity was able to take some action reducing the hole in the ozone layer, but even though that is has stabilized other major threats that were identified in 1992 have worsened.

One of those problems is the fact that our planet is losing its resources to sustain so many people on it; moreover, the fact that these resources are consumed by an exploding population at alarming rates is not helping at all. These issues that some people in power refuse to acknowledge, have brought misery to our ecosystems, with things like deforestation and water pollution happening at this precise moment.

People from all over the world are jeopardizing the future of the next generations by not adopting a more eco-friendly diet, consuming less, using renewable energy sources and having fewer children. Population growth is an issue that we have failed to limit, and a lot of data from governments, charities and individual researchers have been provided to make people conscious about the ‘substantial and irreversible harm’ that humanity is inflicting on Earth.

Many governments have realized that if women have better education levels, it will lead to a decline in the number of children that are procreated in countries with high fertilities rates, thus reducing the deforestation in some regions.

William Ripple is a professor at Oregon State University and he hopes that with this paper, political leaders will take more decisive action in protecting the environment and not just dismissing this evidence and promoting the idea these scientists are just alarming people:

Humanity is now being given a second notice … We are jeopardizing our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption and by not perceiving continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats

Considering that the effects of global warming on oceans are becoming more and more evident with such many disasters like hurricane Harvey and Irma to prove it, it is important that we start to find measures to prevent widespread misery and catastrophic biodiversity loss in our planet, encouraging in the process, more environmentally sustainable alternative to business.