Russian Scientists Reveal Antarctica Is Not What We’re Being Told!


The hidden secrets of Antarctica.

It is said that we know more about deep space than we do about the bottom of the oceans, and it turns out we probably know more about both of these than we do about Antarctica.

The icy continent has only even been traversed by the hardiest of explorers, and – importantly – with the right equipment and enough financial support to keep them going.

The hidden secrets of Antarctica

Because of how hard it is to reach this distant land, only a handful of prestigious researchers have ever had the honor bestowed on them, the rest of the world has had to listen and accept what they have told us about the continent.

The Russians have now revealed that Antarctica is not what the rest of the world has previously been led to believe.

Antarctica has been explored by scout parties from the UK and the U.S who revealed the scant information that they came back with, but the recent Russian explorers say that Antarctica and the scientists who have been there are hiding a massive secret.

They have found hundreds of ‘secret’ lakes underneath the ice sheets that make up the land mass, which they believe are the setting of an ancient civilization.

They claim that the lakes are not the sea, but fresh water and that they have been hidden for over 10 million years. The researchers have drilled through the ice and installed an elevator capable of taking 8 people under at a time.

There is an effective ban on ‘regular’ people journeying to Antarctica, signed by many different countries that were set up in 1961.

What exactly did the first explorers to the region find that they thought so precious that they had to hide it from the rest of the world?

The current ban is expected to continue for at least another 35 years.