The Never Unexplained “Philadelphia Experiment”!


“…men caught fire, went mad, and – the most bizarre of all, some were embedded halfway into the deck of the ship. Others phased in and out of this reality…”

The Philadelphia Experiment was a military experiment which consisted in the elaboration of a vessel made invisible to enemy radar. This test was conducted by Dr. Franklin Reno as a military version of the unified theory, also known as the general theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. According to this theory, it is possible to bend light around an object so that it becomes invisible, this requires a specialized team capable of generating enough energy to create a relationship between the electromagnetic force and gravity. This experiment began during wartime and was developed in Philadelphia by US and German scientists.

Philadelphia experiment

According to the data obtained the vessel that was used in the Philadelphia experiment was a destroyer, the USS Eldridge DE-173 which was equipped with 2 generators of 75 KVA each, mounted on a tower cannon, feeding four magnetic coils mounted on the bridge, 3 RF / CW emitters 2 MWatt each mounted on the bridge, 3,000 tubes (lamps) amplifiers to drive four electromagnetic field coils and two generators.

All of this was set up to generate a synchronized parameterized powerful electromagnetic field, thus allowing radio waves and light to be curved around the ship, which would make the ship “theoretically” invisible to enemy sight and radar, creating the ultimate military vessel. On July 22, 1943, at 9 am researchers initiated the generators. Witnesses saw as the water around the ship began to bubble creating a strange greenish fog, finally, the ship became invisible behind some type of bluish lightning, according to witness the US naval base at Norfolk Virginia 600 km away declared seeing the Eldridge for a couple of minutes after which it disappeared from radar and returning to the original coordinates, only with catastrophic consequences.


The experiment had failed as the ship did not fulfill the requirements needed for the theory that Einstein had outlined to run successfully as the magnets did not provide a balanced magnetism thus being unstable causing  imbalance in the transmutation, the ship was allegedly reassembled incorrectly and the crew also suffered severe consequences falling severely ill, some mentally because of the experience, others suffered dematerializations in some parts of their bodies, while others were fused to the metal of the ship and the remaining crew vanished. Horrified officers immediately canceled all experiments related to this case. This is what had happened allegedly, and these stories cannot be verified.

The details of this experiment were revealed indirectly but all documents on the subject have been withdrawn from the public and military domains but nevertheless, the information was leaked.

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