13 Signs You’re An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type!


An interesting fact about personalities is that there are more than 12 types according to Myers-Briggs, being the INFJ personality type the rarest in the world since only 2% of the world population has it.

But what does the acronym INFJ stands for? It means: ”Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging” This personality has become a bit of a buzzword in social media over the past years, with many dating sites reporting that their users like to identify themselves as INFJs to make them look more interesting to other people.

rare personality

Actually, do you know what is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test that we mentioned before? This psychological test was created in the 1940’s by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, and this test has many elements from some typological theories of Carl Jung, another important psychoanalyst.

According to this test, it is difficult to spot INFJs since they tend to be very reserved people and prefer to stay apart from society, so it’s natural that they don’t want to show themselves to the public often. Nonetheless, INFJs are very eager to socialize with people who are fiercely loyal to them or are very empathetic towards others.

So how do you know if you are an INFJ, to begin with? There are many ways to know if you are one of these uncommon jewels of the personality spectrum and here you have 13 of them:

1. They Feel Very Lonely from Time to Time

feel lonely

As we already said before, since there aren’t many INFJ’s out there, they usually feel that they don’t belong in our society. They are very different yet special, which is something that many others are unable to comprehend. It is very common for them to stay seclude because they cannot associate fully with the people that try to coexist with them.

2. They are The Most Understanding People That You Can Know

understanding people

One fact that some people think that is very creepy from INFJs is that the can easily read the mood with just a simple glance at anyone, it’s like they can see through you and know what is going on with your life.

They have been sharpening this highly-accurate sense of intuition since they were born on this planet, so don’t try to hide things from them because they could think that you don’t trust them anymore.

Therefore, try to exhibit your real behavior without feeling shy about it, because they will not judge you. They can actually help you to overcome all those insecurities or traumas that you are carrying on your shoulders.

3. They Always Seek for The Truth

seek truth

If you like to be extravagant around people to win their attention or you like to pretend that you are something that you are not to please others, then prepare for a reality check with INFJs. They cannot stand manipulators or phony people at all, that’s why they will have no problem with being very direct with them as soon as they detect a lie.

As you can see INFJs are masters in knowing people and connecting the dots when it comes to judging somebody, they usually follow their gut when it comes to relationships and they are right almost all the time. Their deeper understanding of the human mind has made them very wise and clever.

4. Every time You Need a Friend, They Will Be There

need a friend

One of the things that make INFJs unique is that they feel that they have come to this world to serve a purpose and most of the time this purpose is to help those who are in trouble or need something. Their big and altruistic heart makes them special among their peers, that is why they love to participate in events organized by charities and NGOs.

This could also be a weakness because they can be very idealistic and will try to take action when they see some form of injustice in the world, which can make other people uncomfortable since they will try to convince them that what they are saying will make a difference.

5. They Hate to Talk About Trivial Things

they want to talk

Like we say before an INFJ likes to pursue the truth that makes them understand the world more, so small talk not only takes energy, but it is very superficial for them since it’s used by people to fill silence without showing their true colors or any deeper layers of the individuals involved.

Please, do not talk to an INFJ about how was the game last night or the weather unless you want to see a glazed-over look follow by an awkward silence. Instead, you can talk about politics, about how difficult your work has become recently, your color preferences and the wish-list of your soul, they will smile and happily join the conversation.

6. They Love Perfect Grammar and Like to Write a Lot

love writing

INFJs are not that talkative with people since their introverted nature makes it difficult for them, they prefer to stay at home and read some books to enrich their vocabulary. Because they cannot convey their emotions verbally, they like to choose pen and paper to write their thoughts, so having a diary is quite normal for them.

Usually, their big imagination allows them to create new stories and they can be very creative when it comes to creating a whole new universe in these stories, this leaves no surprise that the majority of successful writers are INFJs.

7. They Are Looking for The Love of Their Lives

love of my life

When it comes to love, INFJs hate to ”play around” or have ”hookups” like many people nowadays, they want their partner to complement them.

Normally they choose people who are total opposites to them, such as ENTPs, ENFPs, and ENFJs. These types of personality like to interact with INFJs on the deeper plane of intuition, yet also will try to break the routine from INFJs and take them to a fancy restaurant or a night out on the town on Saturday night.

8. They Think That Having High Moral Values is a Must

high morals

INFJs can be very demanding and sometimes for a good reason. As we already said, they live by the ideals of a better world and are eager to fight for what they think is right, so having strong moral values and high standards is something normal that will lead them through their lives.

You could say that they are strict or fussy sometimes, but they will uphold their beliefs until the end so don’t try to convince them otherwise or they will disregard you. They are also very cautious when it comes to new relationships because they like to share different experiences with their partners; but at the same time, they want their beliefs to be respected.

9. They are Visionaries Who Always Like to See the World from Another Perspective

other views

INFJs like to work with anticipation and are always ten steps ahead. Their ability to plan everything helps them to keep their mind clear and focus their efforts to achieve their life’s goals.

Nonetheless, this is also something that can have a negative effect on their lives, because sometimes they get lost on their thoughts and tend to live in dreamland constantly, so they usually forget to be present in the world that is happening now.

That’s why they appreciate being with people who can help them to come to their senses and remind them to live in the moment.

10. They Don’t Make Decisions Based on Emotion

no emotions

Unlike other people around them, an INFJ judges the world based off of how they make them feel, not caring about track records or performance history. Instead, they like to look for something more.

They are constantly seeking for the true meaning of people’s actions before taking an important decision, that’s why they are not impulsive and are very discreet.

11. Their Circle of Friends is Very Reduced

less friends

When they are at school and the teacher tells them to form groups, INFJs tend to feel very frustrated, because they don’t like to work with people that they don’t know and would rather do the work by themselves. Although they can be nice with people, they don’t usually use the word ”friend” with many people, so if they consider you a friend, it means that you will be one for life.

INFJs are loyal and devoted, and when they work with their friends in a team or a project, they will accomplish the impossible. There is just one thing that they require to the friends: Be the leader and define the roles that each member will have on the project.

12. They Are Not Afraid to Stand Up

never keep quite

Because INFJs like to live alone and have a small group of friends around them, that doesn’t mean that you have a green card to mess up with them, in fact, don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned.

They are very clever and tend to avoid fights at any cost, but they can also be brave and have the inner strength to confront any situation, after which they will prefer to stay calm and reflect about what they have experienced.

Still, seeing an INFJ mad is a weird event, because they prefer quiet and relaxed places than being surrounded by people and lot of noise. And since they are very good with words, they will use their eloquence to get out of difficult situations that may end up getting physical.

13. They Radiate Warmth That Makes Everyone Around Them Hap

make people happy

Because of their strong empathy and sense of compassion, INFJs make people around them comfortable enough to speak about their deepest secrets, to the point that many people are able to talk calmly about personal stuff with them after knowing them for only an hour.

If you are an INFJ, then try to pick up Psychology as your career, because your face will make people happy since you are shining with a sense of security and understanding that is lost in our world, where being fake is a priority for many who try to fit.

Source: https://curiousmindmagazine.com/11-signs-infj-worlds-rarest-personality-type/