Another Major Cover Up!? The Witnesses Who Identified The Multiple Shooting In Las Vegas Are Now Dead Or Missing?


At least 58 people were dead in the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and 500 more are injured from an event that sparked another major debate about gun control, but apparently more people are dying because of that but in a very different way.


They say that everything that happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas and that seems to be the case for 5 key witnesses of the attack, because they have been either shot or found dead in very strange circumstances and while the media keeps pushing their narrative about the failing ”lone wolf” shooter narrative onto the public, these witnesses are being silenced.

What do these people have in common you may say? Firstly, their version of the events of that night have offered a new insight about what happened that horrible night and secondly, their statements have differed with some parts of the story that is being pushed by the MSM and law enforcement officials.

Here are some of the names that some people want you to forget:

1. Kymberley Suchomel

Kymberley Suchomel

The most known name that you probable will hear about this theory is 28 years old girl who managed to escape the massacre uninjured and was able to made a public statement about the attacks and how they were carried out by multiple gunmen that fired into the crowd.

Suchomel was questioned about the veracity of her story and she said that she was ”completely sure about it”, she even posted her version in her Facebook but has been deleted without explanation after she passed away, but thanks to the internet an archived version of it can be viewed here.

Suchomel said that she had been watching the news and the version of the media didn’t make sense to here and that she had also talked with other survivor who confirmed that were multiple shooter that night, including one on the ground. Moreover, she claimed that a woman made her way onto the stage and warned the crowd: ”We are going to die”.

Kimberly was found dead by her grandmother Julie Norton after 8.30 a.m., when she arrived to see how she was doing. Julie says that she thinks that she died in her sleep because Suchomel was sleeping with her husband that night who left for work at 4.30 a.m.

Suchomeld was very disturbed by the event and her grandmother says that stress from the shooting was the thing that took away her life, something that she confirmed in an interview, where she said that she was going to be ”emotionally and mentally scarred for life

2. John Beilman

John Beilman

This could be the most traumatic and horrific story for many, because Beilman actually killed himself and murdered his disabled daughter according to the FBI after they raided his home.

Another shocking fact was that Beilman was wanted for questioning by the FBI after the discovery of a communications device that was found in suspected shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room.

3. Chad Nishimura

Chad Nishimura

Another person who has mysteriously vanished from our world is Chad Nishimura, a vale worker from the Mandalay Bay hotel who happened to park Stephen Paddock’s car the night of the incident.

Before disappearing without explanation to his friends or family, Nishimura gave a statement to local news networks about his brush with the killer, describing Paddong as a ”normal guy” and that ”he hardly had any bags with him”.

4. Jesus Campos

Jesus Campos

This ”hero” was hailed by law enforcement and the mainstream media on the night of the shooting had also gone missing, he was a security guard at the hotel who saved many lives.

He was due to appear on Fox News on Sean Hannity’s show and had other 5 interviews scheduled but he didn’t show to any of them.

Gladly, Campos reappeared again in strange circumstances after being treated in the same hospital that Kanye West claimed to have his memory wiped out at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

A friend from Campo’s worker’s union cited the reason of his disappearing was for ”psychological assistance” after suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress since he was shot before the shooting massacre has started and not after as the ”official” version claims.

5. Stephen Paddoc

Stephen Paddock

Believe or not this could be the most important witness of the attack, since no one seems to know very much about him or why he did all that.

Many reports have been filled about Paddock’s dead, with some initial statements that say that he was killed by the police in a shootout, although the ”official” version says that he actually killed himself with a gun.

All these deaths and sudden disappearances could be coincidental, but without Paddock’s statement we may never truly know how his room full of all those weapons or even his motive.

Did he really killed himself or he was also silenced to hide something more sinister behind these attacks?