US Congressman Asks NASA If Mars Had Civilization ‘Thousands Years Ago’ – Internet Erupts After The Answer Of The Age-Old Question!


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The censuring of NASA representatives regarding the inner details of ongoing projects and budget allocations during meetings of the House Committee of Science, Space and Technology are normally staid events. Things however got strange this week, when representatives were grilled by a congressman about the possibility of the existence of a lost ancient civilization on Mars.

NASA Scientist Grilled About Life On Mars By A Congressman

The meeting began in a staid enough manner, with Ken Farley, one of the top scientists at NASA, appeared in front of the Committee to inform representatives about the plans for the next Mars Rover mission. During the proceedings, Farley told the congressmen that it appeared like Mars was once home to a vast body of water in the distant past; the information causing Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California to probe further.

“You’ve indicated that Mars was totally different thousands of years ago”, asked Rohrabacher of Farley, “is it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of year ago?”
Farley, appearing to be rather amused at the inquiry, replied that he did not have any evidence that suggested the existence of alien civilizations on Mars. However, undeterred, Rohrabacher insisted if Farley would rule out the possibility of there ever being such a civilization on Mars. Farley’s responded, saying, “I would say that it is extremely unlikely.”

It is common belief that Mars was a habitable planet with an atmosphere strong enough to possibly allow the development of extra-terrestrial life, in the distant past. However, as far as intelligent life roaming the surface of the Red Planet is concerned, there has been no evidence found to support the claim. Scientists believe if there ever existed any life on Mars, in all probability it was only microbial.