20 Things People Realize When They Give Up Drinking Alcohol!



As human beings we adopt a lot of habits that are culturally indoctrinated. Drinking alcohol is one of them. There is something very specifically interesting about alcoholism. It is a well known fact that alcoholism is responsible for a large number of societal problems such as violence and risky driving. Moreover it has adverse effects on our health. Besides, the alcohol industry is a highly profitable industry and it is used by the state apparatus as a means of controlling people.

The cons of alcoholism are widely acknowledged and spiritually it is considered to be a disease. Alcoholics give themselves in to their inner monsters and fail to rise up above them. We are all aware of the fact that people usually drink alcohol to forget traumatic and painful episodes in their lives. But it is by no means a solution to those problems. Even without delving further into this topic, it would not be wrong by now to assume that we’d benefit more from not drinking booze than from drinking the same.

Yet it would be very important to know how both social drinkers and downright alcoholics feel the difference when they quit drinking and how this very prevalent practice is affecting our society. The following list speaks about the number of benefits that people experience after giving up alcohol. The points have been derived from various personal stories found in the Internet and are sourced below.

1. The most common thing for people to feel after they quit is a great improvement in their health that includes better digestion, a dramatic weight loss, decreased fatigue and no hangovers, headaches or nausea.

2. An improvement in sleep. People who quit drinking experience better sleep in the night and feel more refreshed and energized upon waking up.

3. Abstainers experience improvement in their mental health. Quitting booze cuts down the effects of depression and anxiety disorders. Moreover, it reduces stress and increases concentration and memory.

4. You need money to buy booze. You will be able to save a lot of money once you quit.

5. You would start being less self-centered and be able to reach out to others. It will be easier for you to grasp other people’s perspectives and be more understanding to them.

6. People who quit realize that it is only an empty myth that you need to drink in order to enjoy yourself at a party or social-gathering. Many also realize that far from strengthening social bonding’s alcohol strains them.

7. Alcohol takes you away from your true self and once you quit you will be able to confront your problems. You will also learn how to accept yourself—both your positive and negative traits.

8. You become more productive after quitting as you are free to do whatever you like in the evening, at night and in the morning. You can try doing new things or having new experiences.

9. After quitting people realize that alcohol tends to worsen their personal problems rather than solving them.

10. People do not do risky and stupid things for which they’d later regret if they do not consume alcohol.

11. It might be initially very difficult to quit as alcohol gives a bad withdrawal but once they can fight the initial cravings it seems very easy not to drink anymore; even when there are other people around who are drinking.

12. Sobriety makes one clear-headed. When sober you’d realize that there are a lot of people who are just assholes when they drink. This might not have been apparent to you had you been drunk.

13. Drinkers usually are judgmental about abstainers and they don’t like it when they see someone in their group nor drinking. They might even make fun of that person and try to make him/her participate in drinking.

14. Drunken conversations are never honest ones. Drunkenness clouds one’s judgment and often results in aggressiveness, fighting and hate.

15. It is often the case that certain toxic relationships last only because of booze. After quitting, people realize how harmful such relationships are for them and tend to get over them.

16. People realize that alcoholism is also a problem relating to the environment they inhabit. It becomes easier to quit if they make an informed decision and change who they spend time with, where they work and how they spend their leisure.

17. Compared to other hallucinogenic and psychedelic substances alcohol is not potent at all. Moreover, it is more harmful for your heath—both mental and physical.

18. Taking care of your own health becomes an easier task. You would find both the time and energy to exercise, sleep and eat healthy.

19. People who quit experience a greater level of spiritual awareness and feel more connected to their soul.

20. Drinking is pleasurable only up to one or two drinks. Beyond that it usually makes you feel dizzy, lethargic and crappy.

Final Thoughts

It is usually professed that alcohol makes life more fun but the sad truth is that it is a huge industry feeding off our pockets and making us indulge in destructive behavior. Once you quit, you will not only get over this illusion but also be able to take better care of yourself, your relationships and experience better spiritual awareness and mental clarity.

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