Shocking!!! 40 Studies That Proves That GMO Foods Are Destroying Your Health And Cause Different Body Illness!


Are you consuming GMO food? Do you think that they are full of healthy vitamins? If yes, then you are in a big trouble. GMO foods are destroying your life. Let’s find out how!

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You must have consumed GMO food at least once in your life. You might be tempted to purchase them due to their near perfect look and shine. But these foods are very harmful to your health. Many independent studies have shown that GMO food cause problems related to stomach, liver, brain and can in many cases be a cause of Cancer.

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The companies which produce GMO foods invest heavily on marketing and branding. They try to present a very positive image of GMO food and they trick us into believing that GMO food is the healthiest option available. They even hire scientists to do biased studies to prove the health benefits of these foods. And with their massive funds, they have the power to shun down any research which shows that GMO food is bad.


GMO foods are full of profit for the producer as the changes are engineered at the molecular level of the plant to make it produce extra surplus. The profit margins of the companies producing GMO food is at an all time high. Companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow spend a lot of money and power covering up the ills of their food items. Their hired scientists conduct controlled experiments on a group to conclude that GM food covers all the basic needs and thus are a healthier alternative to normal food. They have now come up with ideas like- GMO plants use less water, based on this they try to invoke emotions to sell their trash to unsuspecting customers.


Seralini conducted a very famous study in which they found out that GMO food was responsible for the development of tumors in the mice. The mice which were fed GMO food eventually died with the disease.
Many efforts were made by the companies to ban the research but the truth upheld. Many new researches that are done on GMO food show these similar results. The main problems linked to GMO food and humans are as follows- Weight gain, thyroid, Liver and Kidney damage, high cholesterol, birth defects etc.

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It is high time that we all wake up and see the hidden evil behind GMO consumption.

Here is the link of 40 studies highlighting the ill effects of GMO foods