Top 15 Secret Places On Earth That You Will Never Visit!


There are places on Earth that are off limits for the majority of the population. While ancient cultures most likely had no idea how big our planet was, no one could have stop you from going anywhere or visiting different places.

Today is totally different. The world has changed and borders are define our planet like never before. Gaining access to certain countries and in general visiting some places become so difficult and for a lot of people even impossible.

When we speak about “some places” we think about the secret places that are under protection, are forbidden to visit or even to know about them.

From there I give you list of 15 Secret Places that you are not allowed to visit on Earth:

15. Royal Air Force Mehwith Hill, United Kingdom

Royal Air Force Mehwith Hill

These fascinating and somehow weird structures provides communication and intelligence support services to the United Kingdom and United States.

14. The Bohemian Groove

bohemian grove

The Bohemian Groove is a 2700 acres forbidden rural location, located in Monte Rio, California. It belongs to a private San Francisco-based men’s art club know as Bohemian Club.

The all male membership club use to be with very high class people such as musicians, artists, business leaders, government officials and also two former US presidents like Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover.

Women were never allowed inside.

13. The Snake Island

Snake island

Ilha da Queimada Grande also know like the snake island is an island off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. This small island contains more than 4,000 of the deadliest snakes on the planet. To protect the snake population and the danger of visiting this place makes the government to protect this place and announced it like a forbidden place for the majority of population. The only people who can gain access to the island is the Brazil Navy or researches.

12. The Coca-Cola Vault

coca cola vault

The vault where the legendary secret formula for Coca-Cola is secured.

Regarded as the most closely guarded and best-kept secret, the secret formula for Coca‑Cola represents over 125 years of history, special moments, memories and the timeless appeal associated with Coca‑Cola.

11. Fort Knox

Fort Knox

Based in Kentucky, this reserve belongs to the United States Department of Treasure and inside holds large portion of the US gold and other national treasures.

It is considered as one of the most secure places on the planet.

10. The Svalbard Seed Vault

Svalbard seed vault

It was constructed to store seeds that could be utilized in the event of catastrophic environmental disaster. Only a couple of people are allowed access to the vault.

9. The Vatican’s Secret Archive

vaticans secret archive

The Vatican library is one of the largest and most secretive libraries on the planet. From ancient Maya codices to ancient books that “allegedly” are proof of alien contact, the Vatican secret library is said to have it all and is another place on Earth that you cannot access.

8. Pine Gap, Australia

pine gap

Meet Australia’s version of AREA 51, Pine Gap. Located in south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia and is operated by the Australian government and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The station is a key contributor to the global surveillance network ECHELON.

7. The Lascaux Caves, France

Lascaux caves

The caves contains ancient cave paintings that are believed to be over 17,000 years old, created by early humans depicting animals and curious geometric shapes. The caves are no-access zone since 1963.

6. The Mormon Church Secret Vault

The Mormon Church Secret Vault

The secret vault was build into the side of a mountain and it’s a secret, heat-controlled vault. According to reports, it continues over 3 billion pages of data on genealogy and family history of Americans.

5. Room 39, North Korea

Room 39 N.Korea

It is a secretive organization whose goal is to find ways to obtain foreign currency to for Kim Jong-Un, the chairman of the worker’s party in North Korea. It’s established in 1970.

4. Mezhgorye, Russia


Is a closed town in Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia and is believed to be a nuclear missile base. It is the most protected place in Russia where two battalions permanently guard the base, preventing anyone to accessing it.

3. Disney Club 33


Club 33 is a set of private clubs located in three of the Disney Parks. The original is in the heart of the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland. Originally maintained as a secret feature of Disneyland.

One of the most expensive clubs on the planet. Not many people know about it, but Club 33 at Disneyworld has a 14-year long waiting list. If you happen to get on the list, a $40,000 initiation fee is required. Plus, you have to be the annual fee of $27,000.

2. Google Data-center

google data center

Google runs the internet and its data center is as guarded as Area 51 is. It is high-security location that contains trillions of records of our data. You can not access it ever.

1. AREA 51

area 51

Now that we mentioned AREA 51, it is also one of the most secretive and well-protected locations on the surface of the planet. This military base is located in Nevada, around 80 miles from downtown Las Vegas. Many people believe that the base is home to otherworldly technology.