Top 10 Hobbies Of World Famous Leaders That You Can Never Believe Are True!


Through our lives, we spend our time doing particular activities that gave us pleasure and help us to relax our minds.  Every person needs a hobby and every person can find release in surprising and strange ways. Here are the wired hobbies of 10 people:

10. Kim Young II

kim young il

Kim Young II (supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ) – was a huge basketball fan but also he was the best golfer in history. He shot a record-breaking round of golf in 1994 in which he achieved 11 holes-in-one, and a total score of 38 which is 25 shots better than anyone ever.

9. Osama Bin Laden

osama bil laden

Osama Bin Laden (founder of terrorist organization al-Qaeda) – hates America but he loves one thing – volleyball. This is known from His former bodyguard Nasser al-Bahri who tells stories about how he dominated anyone who challenged his to a match.

8. Joseph Stalin

joseph stalin

Joseph Stalin (dictator in Soviet Union, Soviet revolutionary and political leader ) – was producing old school pornography and he loves to draw naked men.

7. Vladimir Putin

vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin ( current president of Russian Federation ) has so many hobbies: Fishing, Horse-riding, White-water rafting, skiing, driving, playing ice hockey, he loves badminton, cycling, and football. He has black bell in judo and karate and he is master of bushido.

6. Ivan the Terrible

ivan the terrible

Ivan the Terrible – ( grand prince of Moscow ) killing puppies. He used to drop them from the Kremlin walls to watch them suffer.

5. Sadam Hussein

sadam husein

Sadam Hussein (president of Iraq ) – dictator who likes to write romantic novels. At an Arabic bookstore in 2001 was found a novel Zabibah and the King, which was based on the history of Iraq (the fair and just King – Saddam, falls in love with the beautiful and innocent Zabibah- Iraq). The novel was penned under the pseudonym “S. Hussein”.

4. Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini ( Prime Minister of Italy ) – talented violinist who constantly played one song all day.

3. Adolf Hitler

adolf hitler

Adolf Hitler ( leader of Nazi Party and Chancellor of Germany) – Was an artist and he draws Disney characters. He was huge Disney fan, who thought that Snow White was one of the greatest movies ever created.

2. Steve  Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve  Jobs – The late co-founder of Apple used to soak his feet in a toilet for hours in order to relax.

1. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus


Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (last emperor of Rome) – crawl out from the cage wearing the animal skin and bite of the genitals of people tied to stakes which was standard for Rome.