Airliner Lands With 92 Skeletons On Board After 35 Years!



Bermuda triangle is one of the most conspiracy theories and important element of the supernatural for more than 50 years. Also known as the Devils Triangle is a loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.Bermuda triangle

We have heard different stories about people being teleported form one side to another , thousands of miles within a seconds without any explanation at all.

However, recently shocking news has shattered the internet.

Newspaper reporter Irwin Fisher dug out a deeply covered secret:

” The mysterious appearance of Santiago Flight 513 after 35 years missing “longest flight skeleton

Flight 513 flew out of September 4th, 1954 and mysteriously disappeared somewhere over Atlantic ocean, where over the years a lot of planes and ships disappear, crushed or being teleported like how some of the scientist believed. At that time it was assumed that the plane crushed and there is no survivors.

35 years later the plane reappeared again, circling the airport and land. According to the Brazilian aviation officials vintage aircraft appeared from nowhere, without any contact with the air control tower , landed west of Port Alegre on October 12, 1989.

They also said that when they approach the plane they were well shocked to find the skeletal of 88 passengers and 4 man crew including the Captain Miguel who was still on his sit clutching the controls.

Government agents are known to be investigating the flight, but they refuse to discuss anything about the plane and their investigation. They also refused to comment Dr. Atello, a paranormal researcher about his comment that the plane has entered a time warp, that’s the only explanation.

Roderigo De Manha, a retired physics professor in Porto Alegre support Dr. Atello and said: “If there is proof, the public has the right to know the truth about the plane and is government duty to tell them”.

” It’s a crime to keep information like this secret –  especially from the relatives of the people who perished on that plane ”  

The government never came out with any particular explanation.

Is there a bigger force that we don’t know about?

For some questions we will never find any answers. Only thing is to hope that the people like Irwin Fisher, who never stop from finding the truth, one day will give us answers and will bring humanity and the common people to open their eyes.